The Retained Search for High Stakes Positions

Since there are many steps interwoven in the retained search process, the recruitment of leadership roles like CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CTOs, and CIOs etc. requires huge investment of time and team effort and proper management to execute it well. However, we affirm positively that any senior-level executive search is “a time-consuming exercise if that has to be executed professionally.” That is a point with which we disagree

As a retained search firm, we specialize in CxO level executive search for some of the most influential and successful companies, we recognize that their businesses move at the speed of light hence we also have deadlines to meet as per their expectations. The CxO level executive recruiting process should not move at a turtle’s pace. Over the years, we have revolutionized ways to close searches more rapidly for searches in Blockchain, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, Data Science, Digital Transformation, E-commerce, Internet of Things (IoT and IIoT), RPA, Machine Learning (ML), Digital Start-up Ventures and Computer Hardware/Software. With few exceptions, making search smarter produces faster and better hires. We develop innovative ways to locate and attract talent globally for this level of recruiting the CxO professionals.

Retained search requires more resources and time, and is ideal for essential executive positions, such as C-suite levels. The service has a dedicated fee structure with tiered payments so that our top head-hunters can focus solely on meeting the needs of our clients. Dedicated Consultants and motivated Research Team. Rapid and thorough search to find ideal candidates for specific positions in a short period of time in a particular region or globally. Detailed research of the talent landscape, competitors’ analysis and locate them for the high-stake hires.

Precisely specific and tailored, exclusive search is ultimate value for mid-to-senior or very high-level positions which are highly confidential and supreme priority specific positions. This search requires an upfront fee and a contingency fee. Our experiences principal head-hunters will leave no stone unturned in locating the ideal candidates for these high priority positions.

Talenton Global Advantage
Major Benefits of Our Services
Clients receive updates on the status of your search throughout the process at regular intervals.

Candidates You Never Dreamed Existed

We bring you the top talent with our extensive research that you never dreamed existed because we emphasis on performance and accountability to execute. We empower every executive search assignment with actionable intelligence and execute it with accountability. We dig out far beyond the traditional search firm networks to tap the highly placed reserved resources and little-known or hidden databases. We use investigative research, computer-assisted research tools and data analytics — innovating new and enriched executive search methodology. The search consistently delivers “best-of-the-best” talent others miss out by making search smarter. We reduce risk as we yield faster superior hires and executive search proficiency you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Pricing You Can Trust

Our flat-fee structure removes conflicts of interest found in percentage-based retainer firms. Though fees based on a percentage of a candidate’s salary have become industry norm, they offer financial enticement for executive recruiters so they can inflate the compensation of the executives they recruit. We believe businesses and employers should not have to wonder where a search firm’s loyalties are set or how much an executive search assignment will cost in the end. As a next generation executive search firm, we work by a flat fee structure. Percentage fees create a needless conflict-of-interest situation.

Extensive research

We deliver the extensive candidate research — completed with contact information and full market mapping facts — This is something that traditional retained search firms never exercise, the research facilitates greater trust and collaboration. We have eradicated the black box for unmatched transparency and due diligence. It also empowers you to make additional hires at no additional or extra cost and auditing our work for proven success. The research shows exactly where we’ve been probing and with whom we’ve communicated to on your behalf. Because it is almost impossible to examine an executive search appointment without the research. We believe each client deserves that information; hence we also assist to build future pipeline as well. Why settle for less?

Top Prospect Preview

Within a week of launching the search, we deliver the Top Prospect Preview in a long list, an initial list of prospective candidates with biographies, sample CV’s/profiles and relevant intelligence. We provide the detailed report to clients prior to outreach, and to verify we are all on the same page and to facilitate a deeper collaboration & openness with the clients. We request initial valuable feedback from the hiring executive and decision makers on which candidates are of greatest interest. It empowers us to prioritize outreach to prospective candidates, making the executive recruiting much more time saving and effective.

Top Prospect Brief Report

In order to approach the top prospective candidates across all communications channels we make contact in an orderly fashion via an orchestrated email, phone, web portals and social/professional networks media campaigns etc. We optimize the opportunity to develop interested prospects. We share a brief report with each prospect who is interested and qualified. This report includes CV/resume, biography and appropriate proposal facts on salary benchmarking, relocation assistance if required and other qualifiers for the opportunity.

Diversity Recruiting Gets Better

Our team of experienced recruiters are specialists in the diversity recruiting. We offer expertise in CxO level board and senior level executive diversity recruiting initiatives. We have extensive senior level executive diversity talent pools, diverse talent hunting channels, and diversity benchmarking services. We uncap the stellar diverse executive talent that other staffing firms miss out. Our diversity talent acquisition services offer an added advantage. We are committed to include diverse range of executives for corporate executive recruiting and diversity recruitment efforts for our clients. Our diversity recruiting efforts show our clients and their proactive commitment to diversity. Proactive diversity initiatives foster harmony and goodwill as they give added revitalization to company’s culture and diversify talent acquisition efforts.

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